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Dylan prefers to charge by the song rather than by the hour, so that there are no time constraints on the final product. Per song rate varies depending on what is involved with each individual track.


Dylan Fant1 Shot Studio wasn't originally designed to captivate your interest at all. In fact, at the time of its conception, all founder Dylan Fant wanted to do was record his own band, his own music, and maybe even bring a friend in from time to time to have a little fun. It was a creative haven and a home to numerous new musical ideas. And that's all it was.

Over time, mix CDs of Dylan's writing and recording started floating around. Once people started asking where they came from, and learning, interest (and interested people) started drifting toward the little two-rooms-in-a-house studio in Woodinville. Dylan expanded into recording other bands, at first for free, just to help others get their music out there as well. But working two jobs, being his own songwriter and producer, and trying to help out other musicians on the side became... no longer practical.

You may have heard the saying, “Fulltime commitment or part-time paralysis.” Well, Dylan and 1 Shot were suffering from this very problem and it was time to take it to the next level, or squash the dream for good.

In 2003 Dylan stopped working for other people and went into business for himself, as an engineer, a producer, owner, and general Everything Guy for the venture that became known as 1 Shot Studio.

You have to remember, though, that from the time Dylan originated the name, '1 Shot' to present, he's still the same guy with the same ideals. His talents as a producer/engineer as well as being someone that's simply easy to work with are things that everybody who's recorded there will tell you about.

T.J. Lacey

TJ on drumsYou can say T.J. Lacey has had his fair share of music development over the years. Stemming back to middle school he learned his basics in band like most kids at that age. It wasn't until he picked up his first pair of drum sticks and sat down at a kit that T.J. discovered where his passion lay. Soon he would be going through the motions of playing small shows throughout high school and enjoying the excitement of performing in front of anyone who was willing to pay attention.

It was in these early stages of musical identity that T.J. met Dylan Fant. Seeing the motions that Dylan was going through with his music and 1 Shot Studio, T.J. sought importance in his musical development to learn from Dylan as he too was developing his business. From there T.J. had no idea how far this simple passion for performing would take him.

T.J. moved on to college to figure out what to do with his life. He went a couple years of changing majors and took classes that poked at his interests, but no keepers. He constantly struggled with thinking he needed a "real job" one day, but never steered away from maintaining his joy for playing in bands and enhancing his musicianship. It wasn't until he took notice of a trend in his studies from his miscellaneous classes that music subtly leaked into any research he did. From that point on the rest was history.

Today, T.J.'s "give respect to earn respect" demeanor has made him a favorable friend to many and has built himself a well rounded resume that has landed him full time as a recording engineer/producer at 1 Shot Studio. He was part of the first class to graduate with Honors from Shoreline C.C. with an emphasis in self development and the study of music and it's affects on historic and modern culture. He also graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Bachelors in Business and Music Technology that landed him internships at electronic music company Behringer and Robert Lang Studio. He has toured the country in various bands and has been a staple in the local music scene for years. He currently drums for Hip Hop artist Double B and you can find them performing all over the northwest. Whether it be rock, hip hop, jazz, pop, etc., T.J. has experienced it which in turn makes him a fun and easy guy to work with.


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